Have You Ever Asked the Federal Government WHY? I Have.

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Politics
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Dear Federal Government,

By what standard and by what right am I forced to do certain things? I pay into Social Security (SS), which is NOT being saved for me; it is being spent faster that it can be collected. Arbitrary strangers, not including the administrative middlemen each taking their cut, will be the beneficiary of that money. I also pay into welfare, which has the same story. Then there is a percentage of my income, which is being taxed to fund certain thing that I do not benefit from, while others do.

WHY should I pay for any of those things; the only reason I could come up with is because I’m forced to. If I wasn’t forced to, then I’d find a better place to invest my money. If I can secure a retirement, which would be better than any government could provide, then WHY should I participate? Even if I’m wrong and I cannot do better for myself, isn’t it my choice regardless? By what right is my choice stolen from me?

If there is no (good) reason for me to participate in any of these things, then should it stop? The government doesn’t need my money in this regard to function; it functioned just fine without direct tax on its citizens for nearly a century. The government functioned just fine without SS or any other welfare program too.

If Obamacare is wrong, then WHY is forcing everyone to participate in SS — or any welfare program for that matter — not wrong too? By what standard and what right is this abortion of individual rights allowed to continue? What catastrophe occurred in the past that allowed our rights to be sold so short, and WHY am I forced to bear the burden brought on by past generations? I do not need and will never use any welfare program, and their continuation is putting a strain on my life.

Unless my understanding is wrong, there is no proper answer for WHY to any of my questions; therefore, give up your “Saintly Quest” and revert back to protecting my rights instead of violating them for the benefit of arbitrary strangers. I have no problem paying you for that — it is your proper role, after all.

To put it as simply as I can, this is my life and I want it back — every aspect of it – and that is not a request. My life and any part of it was never yours to take without my consent.



PS I’m still waiting for a reply.


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