Does The Office of Ted Cruz Think We’re All Idiots?

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Epistemology, Politics
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This is from the opening sentence in an email I recieved today from the office of Ted Cruiz:

“One question is on the mind of all Americans: can we trust the Obama administration to keep its promises, protect individuals’ rights, and uphold the law?” — Ted Cruz

You can’t make this stuff up. This was and is certainly not on my mind. The question on my mind is does the office of Ted Cruz think we’re all idiots (I’m giving Ted the benefit of the doubt here). I like Ted Cruiz, but he’s got to keep a tighter muzzle on some of the dumber things coming out of his office. I’ve never heard of the name for the concept I was thinking about when I first read that opening sentence, so I had to look it up. It’s not official, but it fits: triple contradiction.

How can one person (let alone all Americans), who understands what he is asking, trust another to achieve the impossible by bringing a contradiction (let alone a triple contradiction) into physical existence?

Let me explain the triple contradiction here, in case you’re not already with me. It is expected from the Cruz office that we weigh our trust for Obama to keep his promises, secure our rights, and uphold the law. Each of these three requirements contradict one another.

If Obama keeps his promises, our rights and the law will be violated. If Obama secures our rights, existing laws will not be upheld and his promises will continue unfulfilled. If he upholds the law, rights will be violated and his promises will continue unfulfilled.

Obama has demonstrated, that if we let him, he would rather choose to keep his promises over the other two options. This brings me to his infamous quote, “We can’t wait for Congress to do its job, so where they won’t act, I will.” — Obama ( … -1.3287261).

Need I remind you this is in complete contradiction to the supreme law of the land — our Constitution? Executive fiat — excuse me, executive orders — that bypasses the legislative branch is a massive breach of separated powers designed into the Constitution. If these orders are not a breach of powers, then why go to Congress in the first place? Well, Mr. Criminal-in-Chief? Many examples exist where Congress did not take any action on Obama’s promised agenda, so he took it ( … +News+Blog))

Many more promises still are outstanding, and how many do you think Congress will act on? All of them? ( … er/browse/)

If the president keeps his promises without Congress, which is certain given the recent history, he will violate the law.

Many, if not all, of his promises would violate individual rights, if kept. If he keeps his promise to say, double the federal cancer research funding for example ( … -research/), he will violate individual rights. The government must first take before it can fund anything, and calling it taxes or claiming a good cause doesn’t change the nature of the violation of property rights involved — forced expropriation is forced expropriation whether a burglar or a government does it. Keep in mind that we didn’t always have an income tax in this country (for a reason).

Certain laws currently violate individual rights too. For example, Obamacare. Need I say more? So, if Obama upholds that law he will continue to violate our rights. Don’t forget that if he upholds the supreme law of the land, many of his promises will continue unfulfilled as Congress continues to take no action.

There you have it: the triple contradiction. How can we trust anyone to actually achieve it, if we actually understand what that means? And more importantly to me is why does the office of Ted Cruz think I’m stupid enough to think of such a thing? Do I have idiot printed on my forehead inlarge bold letters? Come on, Ted, clean up your act!


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