About This Site

“Welcome!  Life or Death Politics is about just that – a discussion about the alternatives of life or death within the context of political principles. That may seem extreme, but the perspective I wish to convey may be different than your initial impression so bear with me.

“Life, in general, is about repeating a process of self-sustaining action – without that process, life eventually goes out of existence. Inaction can lead to death just as surely as the pursuit of death can; therefore, anything that does not work towards the sustainment of life, including inaction, is what I call, ‘anti-life.’

“Life can withstand quite a bit of anti-life consequences before it dies, but what is important is to draw a distinction between life-sustaining and anti-life principles. One set of principles leads to the sustainment of life, the other leads away from the sustainment of life, or to death; the degree to which either occurs depends on the principles involved.

“The last point I wish to draw out is what I mean by the ‘context of political principles.’ Politics is a branch of Philosophy, which studies how men should treat one another. It rests on (implicit or explicit) conclusions within lower branches of Philosophy – metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. Discussions, therefore, will necessarily delve into these philosophical branches in order to support conclusions – or principles – reached in politics.

“In conclusion, the purpose of this site is to discuss and develop principles for a proper social system, which ultimately allows for the greatest degree of life-sustaining action.”



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